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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chad Arment, 5 books
Loren Coleman, 3 books
Karl Shuker, 3 books
Richard Freeman, 3 books
Deena West Budd, 3 books
Bernard Heuvelmans, 2 books
Newton, Michael, 2 books
Michael Newton, 2 books
Theo Paijmans, 2 books
Greg Taylor, 2 books
Nick Redfern, 2 books
John Reppion, 2 books
John Higgs, 2 books
Neil Arnold, 2 books
Robert Schoch, 2 books
Rupert Matthews, 2 books
Filip Coppens, 2 books
Kelly Milner Halls, 2 books
Robert Bauval, 2 books
The Emperor, 2 books
Michael Tymn, 2 books
Blair MacKenzie Blake, 2 books
Greg McQueen, 2 books
Oana Ghiocel, 2 books
Brad Steiger, 2 books


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