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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack R. Kapoor, 6 books
Les R. Dlabay, 6 books
Robert J. Hughes, 6 books
Eric Tyson, 6 books
Jim Caulder, 5 books
Will Green, 4 books
Earl Strumpell, 4 books
Suzanne Arnold, 4 books
Jeanne Brock, 4 books
Shirley Wile, 4 books
Virginia B. Morris, 4 books
Kenneth Morris, 4 books
Henry Richards, 3 books
Thomas J. Stanley, 3 books
Macmillan Publishing, 3 books
Alpha Books, 3 books
MacMillan General Reference, 3 books
William D. Danko, 3 books
Adam Starchild, 3 books
Donald R. Levy, 3 books
Tony Martin, 3 books
David J. Silverman, 3 books
Sam Goller, 2 books
Dalton, 2 books
Mark Levine, 2 books


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