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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gisela Fischer, 14 books
RH Disney, 12 books
Wolfgang Schleicher, 7 books
Dorothea Ackroyd, 7 books
School Zone Publishing Company Staff, 6 books
Karen Hoenecke, 5 books
Joanne Barkan, 5 books
Annie Kubler, 5 books
Ivan Bulloch, 4 books
Abrams, 4 books
Ray Cresswell, 4 books
Christine Harder Tangvald, 4 books
Diane James, 4 books
Andrea Posner-Sanchez, 3 books
Jennifer Liberts, 3 books
Mouse Works, 3 books
Si International, 3 books
Lynn Hodges, 2 books
Jennifer Weinberg, 2 books
Elenor Fremont, 2 books
Nicola Tuxworth, 2 books
Neal Layton, 2 books
Jane Seymour, 2 books
Paul Z. Mann, 2 books
Rachel Smith, 2 books


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