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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nigel Saunders, 11 books
Kristi Lew, 8 books
Greg Roza, 7 books
Salvatore Tocci, 7 books
Tom Jackson, 6 books
N. Saunders, 5 books
Eric R. Scerri, 5 books
Jack Challoner, 5 books
Sam Kean, 5 books
Carol Baldwin, 4 books
Emsley, John., 4 books
Michael Crichton, 4 books
Samuel Ruben, 3 books
Nesmei͡anov, An. N., 3 books
Kasimir Fajans, 3 books
Daniel R. Stull, 3 books
Andrew Solway, 3 books
Heather Hasan, 3 books
Susan Watt, 3 books
Chris Oxlade, 3 books
Albert Stwertka, 3 books
Edward G. Mazurs, 3 books
Simon Mayo, 3 books
Philip Ball, 3 books
Adrian Dingle, 3 books


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