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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jann Arden, 3 books
Jean Couillard, 3 books
Marie Clayton, 2 books
Lynn Peppas, 2 books
Kathleen Tracy, 2 books
Barney Hoskyns, 2 books
Collectif, 2 books
Marcel Brouillard, 2 books
Mario Pelchat, 2 books
Ginette Ravel, 2 books
Chantal Pary, 2 books
Clairette, 2 books
Fedor Razzakov, 2 books
Robert Giroux, 2 books
Alys Robi, 2 books
Randy Rainbow, 1 book
Henry Pleasants, 1 book
India Lee, 1 book
Harry Rasky, 1 book
Enrico Stinchelli, 1 book
Tony Jasper, 1 book
Marie-Chantal Toupin, 1 book
Emmanuelle, 1 book
Carol Decker, 1 book
Roger Blanchard, 1 book


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