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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leland M. Roth, 2 books
Peter G. Rowe, 2 books
John Peter, 2 books
Spiro Kostof, 2 books
Iain Browning, 1 book
Roger Eliot Fry, 1 book
Archer, John, 1 book
Pierre Lavedan, 1 book
Axel Boëthius, 1 book
Henry F. Lenning, 1 book
Eduard F. Sekler, 1 book
Lewis, Wyndham, 1 book
Lorraine Farrelly, 1 book
Joseph Gwilt, 1 book
Waller, P. J., 1 book
André De Vries, 1 book
Paul Frankl, 1 book
Susana Torre, 1 book
John Armstrong, 1 book
Kai Krauskopf, 1 book
R. Furneaux Jordan, 1 book
William J. Lillyman, 1 book
H. W. Janson, 1 book
Eberhard Hempel, 1 book
Nan Ellin, 1 book


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