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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ellen Miles, 3 books
McCaig, Donald., 3 books
Valerie Hobbs, 3 books
Betty Levin, 3 books
Jon Katz, 3 books
Donald McCaig, 3 books
Jon Katz, 3 books
Tim Longton, 2 books
Kim Lewis, 2 books
Donald McCaig, 2 books
Phillip Keller, 2 books
Michael DeVine, 2 books
Lucy Daniels, 2 books
Carol Price, 2 books
Jim Paulsen, 2 books
Templeton, John, 1 book
Viv Billingham, 1 book
Tracy Libby, 1 book
Rebecca Stromstad Glaser, 1 book
Jane Clarke, 1 book
Ernest Dudley, 1 book
Clel Evan Georgetta, 1 book
Jane B. Mason, 1 book
W. Phillip Keller, 1 book
Judy Sierra, 1 book


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