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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Clive Cussler, 5 books
Lincoln Child, 4 books
Lori Evert, 4 books
Chris D'Lacey, 3 books
Dan Simmons, 3 books
Bracken MacLeod, 3 books
Marcus Sedgwick, 2 books
Joanne Sundell, 2 books
Matthew Reilly, 2 books
Philip Pullman, 2 books
Stef Penney, 2 books
Mindy Dwyer, 2 books
James A. Houston, 2 books
Karen Robards, 2 books
Jordanna Max Brodsky, 2 books
M. J. McGrath, 2 books
Clive Cussler, 2 books
Barton, Bob, 1 book
Dianna Hutts Aston, 1 book
R. J. Harlick, 1 book
Nina Bruhns, 1 book
Kristin Earhart, 1 book
Tobias S. Buckell, 1 book
Philip Reeve, 1 book
Catherine Rayner, 1 book


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