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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Creasey, 40 books
Jonathan Gash, 28 books
Tamar Myers, 16 books
Barbara Allan, 15 books
Lyn Hamilton, 13 books
Sharon Sloan Fiffer, 10 books
Sujata Massey, 9 books
James Patrick Hunt, 8 books
Jonathan Gash, 8 books
Lea Wait, 7 books
Judith Cutler, 7 books
Tony Hyman, 7 books
Jane K. Cleland, 6 books
Deborah Morgan, 6 books
Nora Roberts, 5 books
Charles Dickens, 5 books
Jack McDevitt, 5 books
Barry Lancet, 5 books
Elaine Flinn, 4 books
Kan Takahama, 4 books
T. Davis Bunn, 4 books
David Dickinson, 3 books
Elizabeth Adler, 3 books
Jean Ruryk, 3 books
Maude Gold Kiser, 3 books


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