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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert D. Reed, 17 books
Danek S. Kaus, 17 books
Margaret Mead, 8 books
James P. Spradley, 5 books
Sandra Stotsky, 5 books
Ellen Shnidman, 4 books
Garrick Alan Bailey, 4 books
David W. McCurdy, 4 books
Reed Ueda, 4 books
Mary Ann Frese Witt, 3 books
Victor Buchli, 3 books
William McDougall, 3 books
Andrew Gray, 3 books
Suzan Erem, 3 books
James Peoples, 3 books
Stjepan G. Mestrovic, 3 books
Charlotte Vestal Brown, 3 books
Roberta Ann Dunbar, 3 books
Ronald Witt, 3 books
John Cell, 3 books
Garrick Bailey, 3 books
Miroslav Goreta, 3 books
E. Paul Durrenberger, 3 books
Charles Hose, 3 books
Slaven Letica, 3 books


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