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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karen Jacobs, 5 books
Helene Lohman, 4 books
Mary Law, 4 books
Marcia Epler, 4 books
Susan Wainwright, 4 books
Debra Stewart, 3 books
Laela Jacobs, 3 books
Franklin Stein, 3 books
Gillian King, 2 books
Winnie Dunn, 2 books
Sherry Borcherding, 2 books
Susan Hussey, 2 books
Mary Vining Radomski, 2 books
Jeffrey L. Crabtree, 2 books
Carol Ann Peterson, 2 books
Susan L. Roberts, 2 books
John B. Mordock, 2 books
Catherine A Trombly, 2 books
Gayle I. Hersch, 2 books
Margaret S. Coffey, 2 books
Dianne Russell, 2 books
Donna Latella, 2 books
Catherine Meriano, 2 books
Carolyn M. Baum, 2 books
Joan Edelstein, 2 books


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