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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Earl Sewell, 6 books
Anne E. Schraff, 6 books
Darrien Lee, 4 books
Ni-Ni Simone, 4 books
Nikki Carter, 4 books
Kelli London, 4 books
Anne Schraff, 3 books
Shelia M. Goss, 3 books
Nikki Carter, 3 books
Robin Henry, 2 books
Darryl Wimberley, 2 books
Sam Chaiton, 2 books
L. Divine, 2 books
Randall Kenan, 2 books
Derrick Barnes, 2 books
Divine G, 2 books
Leon Dash, 2 books
Travis Hunter, 2 books
Jerald LeVon Hoover, 2 books
Babygirl Daniels, 2 books
Darwin Fishman, 2 books
Jaime Reed, 2 books
Jacquelin Thomas, 2 books
Robert Sam Anson, 1 book
Leo E. Hendricks, 1 book


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