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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lauren Baratz-Logsted, 9 books
Elizabeth George, 6 books
Nicci French, 5 books
Mary Rose McGeady, 5 books
Hamaguchi, Takashi, 4 books
Yoko Maki, 4 books
Kate Morton, 4 books
Bruce Ritter, 3 books
Gabrielle Zevin, 3 books
Lori Lansens, 3 books
Stacy DeKeyser, 3 books
Hector Malot, 3 books
Jerzy N. Kosinski, 3 books
Kim Edwards, 3 books
Diana Palmer, 3 books
Jean Thesman, 3 books
Michael Ondaatje, 3 books
Wendelin Van Draanen, 3 books
Joanna C. Scott, 3 books
June Oldham, 3 books
Linda Droeger, 3 books
Margaret McMullan, 3 books
Maurice Capul, 3 books
Lucia Sandri, 2 books
Laura Marie Altom, 2 books


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