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MARC Record from Talis

Record ID talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:3066453689:437
Source Talis
Download Link /show-records/talis_openlibrary_contribution/talis-openlibrary-contribution.mrc:3066453689:437?format=raw

LEADER: 00437nam a22001332a 4500
001 2a54ff8e73bc4d35b5844b53195e152f
003 UK-BiTAL
005 20050706040750.0
008 880907s1967    |||     |     000 ||eng|d
035    $a()w8017796
040    $aLB$cLB$dUK-BiTAL
100 $aSelf, G.
245 00 $aNew sounds in class :$ba practical approach to the understanding and performing of contemporary music in schools /$cby G. Self.
260    $bUniversal,$c1967.