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MARC Record from University of Toronto

Record ID marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:1402308765:1095
Source University of Toronto
Download Link /show-records/marc_university_of_toronto/uoft.marc:1402308765:1095?format=raw

LEADER: 01095cam 2200229 a 4500
008 980217s1879    enk                 eng d
090 09 $afisher S52 A4H3 1879$bRBSC$c1
100 $aShakespeare, William,$d1564-1616.
245 10 $aHamlet :$ba tragedy in five acts /$cby William Shakespeare ; as arranged for the stage by Henry Irving, and presented at the Lyceum Theatre on Monday, December 30th, 1878.
246 $aHamlet, Prince of Denmark
250    $aRev. ed. 6th thousand.
260    $aLondon :$bPrinted at the Chiswick Press,$c1879.
300    $axiii, [1], 82, [1] p.
500    $aHalf title: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
500    $a"Preface" signed: F.A.M. [i.e. Francis Albert Marshall]
590    $aRBSC copy: Ex libris J.H. Hunter.$5CaOTUTF
700 $aIrving, Henry,$cSir,$d1838-1905.
700 $aMarshall, Frank A.$q(Frank Albert),$d1840-1889.
700 $aHunter, J. Howard$q(John Howard),$d1839-1911$e(association)
948    $a02/17/1998$b02/18/1998
039    $aRB201016$fAJ
949    $afisher .S52 A4H3 1879$wASIS$c1$i31761044754034$lRAREBOOKS$mFISHER$rN$sY$tBOOK$u18/2/1998