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MARC Record from Scriblio

Record ID marc_records_scriblio_net/part08.dat:80456455:1806
Source Scriblio
Download Link /show-records/marc_records_scriblio_net/part08.dat:80456455:1806?format=raw

LEADER: 01806cam 22003252 4500
001    74227804 
003 DLC
005 20050426131514.0
008 960723s1500    fr            000 0 lat  
010    $a 74227804
040    $aDLC$cDLC$dDLC
050 00 $aIncun. 1500$b.E916$aBR165
051    $aIncun. 1500$b.E916 Copy 2$cCopy 2. 28.4 cm. Provenance: Duncan Emrich (bookplate).
100 $aEusebius,$cof Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea,$dca. 260-ca. 340.
240 10 $aEcclesiastical history.$lLatin
245 10 $aEcclesiastica historia diui Eusebii.$bEt Ecclesiastica historia gentis Anglorum Venerabilis Bede. Cu[m] vtraru[m]q[ue] historiarum per singulos libros recollecta capitulorum annotatione.
260    $aStrassburg,$b[Georg Husner]$c14 Mar. 1500.
300    $a[160] leaves.$c29 cm. (fol.)
500    $aEusebius translated by Rufinus Tyrannius.
510 $aGoff$cE-129
510 $aHain-Copinger$c6714
510 $aBM 15th cent.,$cI, p. 162 (IB.2377)
510 $aGW$c9439
500    $aLC copy: calligraphic initial in blue and red on leaf [8a]; other initials supplied in red or blue, initial strokes in red. Contemporary brown leather, the inside panel decorated with stamps of small rosettes and blossoms set in a rhomboid pattern, surrounded by stamps of large rosettes and foliage; rebacked; lined with 14th-cent. ms. waste. Provenance: Carmelites, Cologne (inscriptions).$5DLC
650  0 $aChurch history$yPrimitive and early church, ca. 30-600.
651  0 $aGreat Britain$xChurch history$y449-1066.
650  0 $aChurch history$yMiddle Ages, 600-1500$xSources.
650  0 $aCivilization, Ancient$xSources.
700 02 $aBede,$cthe Venerable, Saint,$d673-735.$tHistoria ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.
710 $aJohn Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)$5DLC