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MARC Record from marc_overdrive

Record ID marc_overdrive/InternetArchiveCrMarc-2010-06-11o.mrc:6383223:1617
Source marc_overdrive
Download Link /show-records/marc_overdrive/InternetArchiveCrMarc-2010-06-11o.mrc:6383223:1617?format=raw

LEADER: 01617nam 2200253Ka 4500
008 000000s2006    nyu     s     000 0 eng d
040    $aTEFOD$cTEFOD
006 m        d        
007 cr cn---------
020    $a1421814056 (electronic bk. : Adobe Digital Editions)
037    $bOverDrive, Inc.$n
100 $aShakespeare, William $q(William Shakespeare).
245 14 $aThe Taming of the Shrew$h[electronic resource].
260    $aFairfield :$b1st World Library,$c2006.
500    $aTitle from eBook information screen.
520    $aFrom the book:SLY. I'll pheeze you, in faith.HOSTESS. A pair of stocks, you rogue!SLY. Y'are a baggage; the Slys are no rogues. Look in the chronicles: we came in with Richard Conqueror. Therefore, paucas pallabris; let the world slide. Sessa!HOSTESS. You will not pay for the glasses you have burst?SLY. No, not a denier. Go by, Saint Jeronimy, go to thy cold bed and warm thee.
533    $aElectronic reproduction.$bFairfield :$c1st World Library,$d2006.$nRequires Adobe Digital Editions (file size: 346 KB).
538    $aRequires Adobe Digital Editions (file size: 346 KB).
653 #0 $aClassic Literature
653 #0 $aFiction
655  7 $aElectronic books.$2local
856 $u{7105FB9B-0794-4E4E-B859-C6845F8B29FD}$zClick for library availability
856 $u$zClick to purchase
856 $3Image$u{7105FB9B-0794-4E4E-B859-C6845F8B29FD}Img100.jpg