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MARC Record from Miami University of Ohio

Record ID marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0118.out:10901508:1899
Source Miami University of Ohio
Download Link /show-records/marc_miami_univ_ohio/allbibs0118.out:10901508:1899?format=raw

LEADER: 01899cam 2200313Ia 4500
001 ocm23750170
005 19970804155023.0
007 hduafv---baca
007 hdubfv---baaa
008 910516s1622    xx      a     000 0 eng d
040    $aEBK$cEBK
049    $aMIJL
099    $aPR $a1101 $a.E37$a1834:3
100 $aR. F. H.$q(Robert F. Herrey),$d16th cent
245 10 $aTwo right profitable and fruitfull concordances, or large and ample tables alphabeticall$h[microform] :$bthe first containing the interpretation of the Hebrew, Caldean, Greek, and Latine words and names scatteringly dispersed throughout the whole Bible, with their common places following euery of them, and the second comprehending all such other principall words and matters as concerne the sense and meaning of the Scriptures, or direct vnto any necessary and good instruction : the further contents and vse of both the which tables (for breuitie sake) is expressed more at large in the preface to the reader, and will serue as well for the translation called Geneua as for the other authorized to bee read in churches /$ccollected by R.F.H
260 $aImprinted at London :$bBy Bonham Norton, and Iohn Bill ...,$c1622
300    $a[164] p
500    $a"Cum Priuilegio."
500    $aColophon imprint date: 1621
500    $aSignatures: A-K⁸ L²
500    $aReproduction of original in the British Library
510 $aSTC (2nd ed.)$c13238
533    $aMicrofilm.$bAnn Arbor, Mich. :$cUniversity Microfilms International,$d1985.$e1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.$f(Early English books, 1475-1640 ; 1834:3)
539    $as$b1985$dmiu$en
630 00 $aBible$vConcordances, English
830  0 $aEarly English books, 1475-1640 ;$v1834:3
907    $a.b25894559$b07-02-07$c03-24-98
998    $amic$b03-24-98$cm$da$e-$feng$gxx $h0$i1
945    $g1$j0$limfmc$o-$p$0.00$q $r $sf$t0$u0$v0$w0$x0$y.i32412174$z03-24-98