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MARC Record from Library of Congress

Record ID marc_loc_updates/v35.i24.records.utf8:428615:1042
Source Library of Congress
Download Link /show-records/marc_loc_updates/v35.i24.records.utf8:428615:1042?format=raw

LEADER: 01042cam a22002411 4500
001    29000426 
003 DLC
005 20070607093545.0
008 850923s1928    enk          f100 0 eng  
010    $a 29000426
035    $a(OCoLC)12590744
040    $aDLC$cCLU$dDLC
042    $apremarc
050 00 $aHE670.G7$bA4 1928
111 $aImperial Wireless and Cable Conference,$cLondon,$d1928.
245 00 $aImperial Wireless and Cable Conference, 1928.$bReport ...
260    $aLondon,$bH.M. Stationery Off.,$c1928.
300    $a22 p.$c25 cm.
490 $a[Great Britain. Parliament. Papers by command]$vCmd. 3163
500    $aThis conference was held to examine the situation which arose as a result of the competition of the Imperial Beam Wireless Services with the cable services of various parts of the empire, to report upon it and to make recommendations with a view to a common policy being adopted by the various governments concerned.
650  0 $aRadio.
650  0 $aCables, Submarine.
700 $aGilmour, John,$cSir,$d1876-1940.