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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Plato, 12 books
Aristotle, 11 books
Sallust, 7 books
Xenophon, 6 books
Polybius, 5 books
Lucian of Samosata, 5 books
Vitruvius Pollio, 5 books
Demosthenes, 5 books
Augustine of Hippo, 4 books
Cicero, 4 books
Philodemus, 4 books
Juvenal., 4 books
Karl Jacobitz, 4 books
Albius Tibullus, 4 books
Pindar, 4 books
Menander of Athens., 3 books
Sextus Propertius, 3 books
Boethius, 3 books
Anacreon, 3 books
Aristophanes, 3 books
Hesiod, 3 books
Plutarch, 3 books
Nonius Marcellus, 2 books
Flavius Vegetius Renatus, 2 books
Hans Friedrich August von Arnim, 2 books


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