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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ray Benoit, 18 books
George Vomvoris, 15 books
William Russo, 14 books
Lynn Wildman, 13 books
George Hammond, 12 books
R. J. Cantwell, 12 books
Michael Hart, 12 books
Luther Butler, 12 books
Piers Anthony, 11 books
James W. Spain, 11 books
Lloyd E. Scott, 11 books
Glen C. Cutlip, 11 books
Kimberly Vogel, 11 books
Ira Cochin, 11 books
Mary Roberts Rinehart, 10 books
Darrin Atkins, 10 books
Robert Noyola, 10 books
Leslie Herzberger, 10 books
Jan Merlin, 10 books
Anthony Giangregorio, 10 books
Coleman Thomas Randall, 10 books
Bill Macwithey, 10 books
Al Ferber, 10 books
Lawrance George Lux, 9 books
Clara M. Miller, 9 books

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