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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
David G. Myers, 792 books
Paul Krugman, 300 books
Robin Wells, 283 books
Kathleen Stassen Berger, 229 books
Worth Publishers, 158 books
Ronald J. Comer, 156 books
Tyler Cowen, 118 books
Daniel L. Schacter, 111 books
Don H. Hockenbury, 104 books
N. Gregory Mankiw, 96 books
iclicker, 90 books
Alex Tabarrok, 88 books
C. Nathan DeWall, 88 books
Gerald Stone, 87 books
Robert C. Feenstra, 76 books
Susan A. Nolan, 76 books
Eric Chiang, 76 books
Sandra E. Hockenbury, 66 books
Richard O. Straub, 61 books
Daniel T. Gilbert, 59 books
Daniel M. Wegner, 57 books
Robert S. Siegler, 49 books
Scientific American, 46 books
Matthew K. Nock, 38 books
Margaret Ray, 37 books

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