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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Manfred Deitermann, 24 books
Karl Wilhelm Henke, 22 books
Hans Lambrich, 18 books
Siegfried Schmolke, 16 books
Wolf-Dieter Rückwart, 14 books
Margit Lambrich, 13 books
Hans Jecht, 9 books
Jürgen Hermsen, 9 books
Manfred Zindel, 8 books
Horst W. Stierand, 7 books
Hermann-Josef Trappe, 6 books
Peter J. Schneider, 6 books
Ingrid Stephan, 6 books
Ludwig Kruse, 5 books
Heinrich Heun, 5 books
Rolf Arens, 5 books
Jürgen Gratzke, 5 books
Waldemar Straube, 5 books
Michael Winkler, 4 books
Wolfgang Braun, 4 books
Georg Breitscheidel, 4 books
Werner Garbow, 4 books
Margit Bentin, 4 books
Jürgen Böker, 4 books
Rudolf Grimm, 4 books


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