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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard Scarry, 52 books
Justine Korman, 43 books
Mercer Mayer, 37 books
Cyndy Szekeres, 36 books
Gina Ingoglia, 30 books
L. E. Blair, 28 books
Betty G. Birney, 27 books
Stan Berenstain, 26 books
Mary Packard, 24 books
Michael Teitelbaum, 21 books
Gina Mayer, 21 books
Denise Lewis Patrick, 19 books
Teddy Slater, 18 books
Kathryn Kenny, 17 books
Cindy West, 17 books
R. S. Yeoman, 16 books
Michael Berenstain, 16 books
Amye Rosenberg, 15 books
Margaret Snyder, 15 books
Jean Lewis, 15 books
Rita Balducci, 15 books
Barbara Bazaldua, 13 books
Stephanie Calmenson, 12 books
Erica Farber, 12 books
Pamela Broughton, 12 books


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