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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
George Best, 5 books
Debra J. Jordan, 3 books
Richard Lux, 3 books
Thomas L. Burton, 2 books
Bill Michaelis, 2 books
Peter A. Witt, 2 books
John M. O'Connell, 2 books
Ray Barton, 2 books
David A. Penner, 2 books
Geoffrey Godbey, 2 books
Norma J. Stumbo, 2 books
George W. Best, 2 books
Karla A. Henderson, 2 books
Edgar Lionel Jackson, 2 books
Thomas L. Goodale, 2 books
Kenneth F. Joswiak, 1 book
H. Ken Cordell, 1 book
Michael J. Taleff, 1 book
Michael Strong, 1 book
Mary Hart, 1 book
Gail Burrill, 1 book
Robin Gregory, 1 book
Charles Sylvester, 1 book
Best, 1 book
Cynthia Mascott, 1 book

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