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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Directorate of Intelligence, 11 books
Ontario Women's Directorate., 5 books
United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Directorate of Intelligence., 5 books
Rajasthan (India). Directorate of Economics & Statistics, 4 books
Canada. Air Pollution Control Directorate., 3 books
Great Britain. Housing Development Directorate., 3 books
New Brunswick. Women's Directorate., 3 books
Norway. Oljedirektoratet., 2 books
Mysore (India : State). Directorate of Evaluation and Manpower., 2 books
Great Britain. Dept. of the Environment. Housing Development Directorate., 2 books
Pakistan. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Research Directorate., 2 books
Science and Engineering Research Council. Polymer Engineering Directorate., 2 books
Great Britain. Scottish Office. Roads Directorate., 2 books
India. Directorate of Economics and Statistics., 2 books
United States. Dept. of Energy. Directorate of Procurement and Contracts Management., 2 books
Commission of the European Communities. Directorate-General for Fisheries., 2 books
Indonesia. Direktorat Tata Kota dan Tata Daerah., 1 book
Z. Frankel, 1 book
Assam (India). Directorate of Agriculture., 1 book
Council of Europe. Directorate of Legal Affairs., 1 book
Arunāchal Pradesh (India). Directorate of Research. Silver Jubliee Seminar, 1 book
Parsons, David, 1 book
Maharashtra (India). Directorate of Education (Higher Education), 1 book
Council of Europe. Directorate of Information., 1 book
Greece. Genikē Dieuthynsis Dioikētikēs Organōseōs., 1 book

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