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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lynn S. Zubernis, 4 books
Leah Wilson, 2 books
Judy Gelman, 2 books
Erin MacDonald, 1 book
James Lowder, 1 book
Mercedes Lackey, 1 book
Lois McMaster Bujold, 1 book
Ace Atkins, 1 book
Elizabeth Moon, 1 book
Robin S. Rosenberg, 1 book
Jane Espenson, 1 book
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, 1 book
Lori Perkins, 1 book
Scott Westerfeld, 1 book
Rick Riordan, 1 book
Bella DePaulo, 1 book
David Brin, 1 book
Gregory E. Pence, 1 book
Michael Whelan, 1 book
Len Wein, 1 book
Adam Birchall, 1 book
Bella M. DePaulo, 1 book
Robb Pearlman, 1 book
P. C. Cast, 1 book
Jason Kayser, 1 book

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