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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Docia Schultz Williams, 7 books
Mona D. Sizer, 5 books
Bill Cannon, 5 books
Patrick Dearen, 5 books
Melinda Rice, 4 books
Bill Groneman, 4 books
Jim Gramon, 3 books
Robert James Wlodarski, 3 books
Helen Bryant, 3 books
Johnny D. Boggs, 3 books
Sherrie McLeRoy, 3 books
Jim Dunlap, 3 books
J. Lee Butts, 2 books
Mackey Murdock, 2 books
Richard K. Troxell, 2 books
Mike Blakely, 2 books
Sharry Buckner, 2 books
James Andrew Crutchfield, 2 books
Wallace O. Chariton, 2 books
Larry D. Hodge, 2 books
Mitchel Whitington, 2 books
Cox, Mike, 2 books
Roger L. Shaffer, 2 books
Stephen L. Moore, 2 books
Douglas V. Meed, 2 books


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