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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
L. Ron Hubbard, 18 books
P. G. Wodehouse, 13 books
Daisaku Ikeda, 9 books
Thích Nhất Hạnh, 6 books
Bram Stoker, 6 books
David Deida, 6 books
Ken Blanchard, 5 books
Edward Marston, 4 books
Mirabai Starr, 4 books
Brian Tracy, 4 books
Matthew McKay, 4 books
Jules Verne, 3 books
Mark Twain, 3 books
Kerry Greenwood, 3 books
Brenda Chapman, 3 books
Karen Kingsbury, 3 books
James Weldon Johnson, 3 books
Scarlett Dawn, 3 books
L. Ron Hubbard, 3 books
Jules Verne, 2 books
Andy Crouch, 2 books
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 2 books
Roberts Liardon, 2 books
Ace Collins, 2 books
John Ortberg, 2 books

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