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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Random House, 318 books
Dr. Seuss, 179 books
Happy House, 164 books
Sesame Street, 152 books
Stan Berenstain, 140 books
Reverend W. Awdry, 113 books
Care Bears, 56 books
Mary Man-Kong, 52 books
Mary Tillworth, 52 books
Mary Pope Osborne, 51 books
Richard Scarry, 50 books
Jan Berenstain, 47 books
Kristen L. Depken, 47 books
Mercer Mayer, 46 books
Robert Arthur, 39 books
Sarah Albee, 37 books
Disney Book Club, 36 books
Tish Rabe, 36 books
Christy Webster, 32 books
Naomi Kleinberg, 29 books
Courtney Carbone, 29 books
P. D. Eastman, 28 books
My Little Pony, 28 books
Alfred Hitchcock, 28 books
Laurent de Brunhoff, 28 books

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