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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Herman Brusselmans, 34 books
Tom Lanoye, 21 books
Peter Verhelst, 18 books
Martin Bril, 15 books
Martin Bril, 11 books
Hafid Bouazza, 10 books
Connie Palmen, 10 books
Ischa Meijer, 10 books
Bas Heijne, 9 books
Pieter Boskma, 8 books
Lydia Rood, 8 books
Maria Stahlie, 8 books
Graa Boomsma, 8 books
Arie Storm, 6 books
Herman Pleij, 6 books
Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, 6 books
Barbara Cohen, 6 books
Joris van Casteren, 5 books
Willem Andries Wilmink, 5 books
J. van Heerden, 5 books
Marc Kregting, 5 books
Jan Kuitenbrouwer, 5 books
Pol Hoste, 5 books
Louise Fresco, 4 books
Herman Stevens, 4 books

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