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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jojo Moyes, 4 books
Shari Lapena, 4 books
Nicci French, 3 books
Richard Osman, 3 books
Paolo Giordano, 2 books
Imogen Robertson, 2 books
Jane Corry, 2 books
Ashley Audrain, 2 books
Paolo Giordano, 1 book
Claire Daverley, 1 book
Barry Hoffman, 1 book
Dana Reinhardt, 1 book
John Boyne, 1 book
Melissa Jones, 1 book
Various, 1 book
Kathy Hepinstall, 1 book
Donna Freitas, 1 book
Anne Milano Appel, 1 book
Bev Thomas, 1 book
Jennie Fields, 1 book
Philippa Perry, 1 book
Katherine Schwarzenegger, 1 book
Erin Kelly , 1 book
Erin Kelly, 1 book
Menna van Praag, 1 book

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