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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Music Sales Corporation, 7 books
Woody Mann, 7 books
Stefan Grossman, 6 books
Jerry Silverman, 5 books
Tony Trischka, 5 books
David Brody, 4 books
Samuel Barclay Charters, 4 books
Miles Krassen, 4 books
Peter Seeger, 4 books
Jean Ritchie, 4 books
Stacy Phillips, 3 books
Bob Grant, 3 books
Joseph Hillstrom, 3 books
Guy Carawan, 2 books
Artie Traum, 2 books
Tony Glover, 2 books
Dallas Cline, 2 books
Happy Traum, 2 books
Stephen Cicchetti, 2 books
Harry Taussig, 2 books
Irwin Silber, 2 books
L. E. McCullough, 2 books
Matt Glaser, 2 books
Marion Thede, 2 books
Peter Wernick, 2 books


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