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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Matt Neuburg, 12 books
Paris Buttfield-Addison, 10 books
Matthew MacDonald, 9 books
David Pogue, 9 books
David Pogue, 8 books
Vandad Nahavandipoor, 8 books
Eric A. Meyer, 7 books
J. D. Biersdorfer, 6 books
O'Reilly Media, 6 books
Joseph Albahari, 6 books
Tim Nugent, 6 books
Jonathon Manning, 6 books
David Sawyer McFarland, 5 books
Jennifer Greene, 5 books
Ben Albahari, 5 books
David Flanagan, 5 books
Andrew Stellman, 5 books
CustomGuide Inc, 5 books
Allen B. Downey, 5 books
Adrian Nye, 5 books
Jerry D. Peek, 4 books
C. J. Date, 4 books
Anthony Northrup, 4 books
brian d foy, 4 books
Tim O'Reilly, 4 books

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