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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Freeman Patterson, 16 books
Farley Mowat, 15 books
Brian McFarlane, 11 books
Carol Matas, 9 books
Fred Bruemmer, 9 books
Garth Turner, 7 books
Andy Donato, 6 books
Allan Fotheringham, 6 books
Diane Francis, 6 books
Andrew Podnieks, 6 books
Robert Buckman, 6 books
June Engel, 6 books
David A. Poulsen, 6 books
Betty Jane Wylie, 6 books
J. L. Granatstein, 6 books
Gordon Ramsay, 5 books
Scott Morrison, 5 books
Ted Reader, 5 books
Claire Mowat, 5 books
Sonia Day, 5 books
Rob Buckman, 5 books
Josef Škvorecký, 5 books
Diane Dupuy, 4 books
David B. Posen, 4 books
Lawrence, R. D., 4 books


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