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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Max Hollein, 7 books
Pablo Picasso, 5 books
Peter Noever, 5 books
Paul Klee, 5 books
Georg Baselitz, 3 books
Arnulf Rainer, 3 books
Sigmar Polke, 3 books
Olafur Eliasson, 3 books
Christine Schöpf, 3 books
Johan Grimonprez, 3 books
Richard Prince, 3 books
Meret Oppenheim, 3 books
Götz Adriani, 3 books
Documenta (11th 2002 Kassel, Germany), 3 books
Andy Warhol, 3 books
Peter Weibel, 3 books
Paul Cézanne, 3 books
Richter, Gerhard, 3 books
Armin Zweite, 3 books
Hannes Leopoldseder, 3 books
Sabine Schulze, 2 books
Barbara Nemitz, 2 books
Gustave Courbet, 2 books
Lovis Corinth, 2 books
Franz Marc, 2 books


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