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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Beattie, William, 11 books
Nathaniel Parker Willis, 8 books
John Charles Dent, 3 books
Henry Thomas Ryall, 3 books
Catherine G. Ward, 3 books
Ireland, W. H., 2 books
James Ballantine, 2 books
Allen, Thomas, 2 books
S. C. Hall, 2 books
Clara Reeve, 2 books
Sarah Tytler, 2 books
Alexander Fletcher, 2 books
W. Oxberry, 2 books
Sarah Tytler, 2 books
Nathaniel Whittock, 2 books
N. P. Willis, 2 books
Robert Burns, 2 books
William Robertson, 1 book
Wright, Thomas, 1 book
Jonathan Edwards, 1 book
Egan, Pierce, 1 book
J. Mavor, 1 book
Allan Cunningham, 1 book
John Bunyan, 1 book
Samuel Johnson LL.D., 1 book

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