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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Laurali Wright, 11 books
Joy Fielding, 11 books
David Bach, 10 books
Sheree Fitch, 10 books
Ruth Rendell, 8 books
Donald Jack, 8 books
David Adams Richards, 8 books
Diana Gabaldon, 8 books
Bill Bryson, 7 books
Jean Malloch, 7 books
Kevin Major, 6 books
Sharon Gibb, 6 books
Harold Andrew Horwood, 5 books
Paul Quarrington, 5 books
Eric Walters, 5 books
Richard Wagamese, 5 books
Donaldson, Gordon, 5 books
Kelley Armstrong, 5 books
Bell, William, 5 books
Berton, Pierre, 5 books
Barry Broadfoot, 5 books
Lawrence Solomon, 4 books
Michelle Wan, 4 books
Harry J. Boyle, 4 books
William Bell, 4 books


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