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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Donald Barr Chidsey, 27 books
Dona Z. Meilach, 26 books
John Gassner, 21 books
Ralph M. Kovel, 21 books
James D. Horan, 21 books
Raymond Cogniat, 17 books
Gaston Diehl, 15 books
Gene Gurney, 13 books
Thelma R. Newman, 13 books
Dick King-Smith, 13 books
Genevieve A. Martin, 12 books
Giulio Maestro, 12 books
Alex Comfort, 11 books
Betsy Maestro, 11 books
Tatsuo Ishimoto, 11 books
Ruth Rendell, 11 books
RH Value Publishing, 11 books
Hila Colman, 10 books
Dominick Dunne, 10 books
Anderson, William C., 10 books
Howard Fast, 9 books
Brandt Aymar, 9 books
Ralph William Weiman, 9 books
Botkin, Benjamin Albert, 9 books
John Burningham, 9 books

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