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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Nicky Hager, 6 books
Sam Hunt, 2 books
Andris Apse, 2 books
Naomi O'Connor, 2 books
Gerard Hindmarsh, 2 books
Kevin Judd, 2 books
Craig Potton, 2 books
Tim McBride, 1 book
Peter Simpson, 1 book
Freeman, Scott, 1 book
Gill, Michael, 1 book
Graeme Dingle, 1 book
Bronwyn Dalley, 1 book
Mark Pickering, 1 book
Gerard Hutching, 1 book
George W. Gibbs, 1 book
Brian Flintoff, 1 book
Neville Peat, 1 book
Bryan Gould, 1 book
K. B. Woodford, 1 book
Mary McEwen, 1 book
Gerard Hindmarsh, 1 book
Verena Popp, 1 book
Maire Leadbeater, 1 book
David Eggleton, 1 book


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