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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
William Butler Yeats, 37 books
Simplicius of Cilicia, 35 books
William Wordsworth, 30 books
John Philoponus, 22 books
Max Black, 19 books
Alexander of Aphrodisias, 17 books
Dominick LaCapra, 16 books
Lane Cooper, 14 books
Morris Bishop, 14 books
Peter J. Katzenstein, 13 books
Plato, 11 books
Richard Sorabji, 11 books
Peter D. McClelland, 11 books
Donald Kagan, 10 books
Giambattista Vico, 10 books
Françoise Henry, 10 books
Republic of Staff Liberia, 10 books
Konvitz, Milton Ridvas, 9 books
William P. Alston, 9 books
Victor Witter Turner, 8 books
Bailey, F. G., 8 books
John Kekes, 8 books
Halldór Hermannsson, 8 books
Robert Jervis, 8 books
No name, 8 books

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