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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bill Bryson, 16 books
David Bach, 15 books
Lee J. Ames, 14 books
Frances Mayes, 12 books
Green, Jane, 7 books
Bill O'Reilly, 7 books
Kurt Eichenwald, 6 books
Geneva Holliday, 5 books
Caitlin Friedman, 5 books
Barbara Pease, 5 books
David Kamp, 5 books
Peter Arnell, 5 books
Andrea Robinson, 5 books
Ori Brafman, 5 books
Anderson, Joan, 5 books
Jeff Yeager, 5 books
Deborah Madison, 5 books
Carolyn Jessop, 5 books
Frank W. Abagnale, 5 books
Jean Shepherd, 4 books
Anne Dayton, 4 books
Devin Alexander, 4 books
Brooke Siler, 4 books
Carley Roney, 4 books
Daniel Goleman, 4 books


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