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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Inc. Book Sales, 61 books
Josephine Bacon, 19 books
Stan Smith, 14 books
Pamela Westland, 14 books
Frank Oppel, 13 books
Ian V. Hogg, 10 books
Roy Bacon, 10 books
Peter Høeg, 10 books
David Mondey, 9 books
Myra Street, 9 books
Kahlil Gibran, 9 books
Chant, Christopher., 8 books
Gary A. Lewis, 8 books
Judith Milidge, 8 books
John Harold Haynes, 8 books
Lydia Darbyshire, 7 books
Marjie Lambert, 7 books
A. E. Hartink, 7 books
Bill Gunston, 7 books
Peter Brookesmith, 6 books
Linda Bolton, 6 books
Elizabeth Elias Kaufman, 6 books
Margaret Tarrant, 6 books
Bill Yenne, 6 books
David Jollands, 6 books


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