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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Laura Childs, 35 books
Susan Wittig Albert, 32 books
Margaret Coel, 25 books
Mary Stanton, 24 books
Emily Brightwell, 21 books
Charlaine Harris, 19 books
Monica Ferris, 18 books
Kate Kingsbury, 18 books
Victoria Thompson, 18 books
Earlene Fowler, 17 books
Margaret Frazer, 15 books
Maggie Sefton, 14 books
Nero Blanc, 13 books
Cleo Coyle, 13 books
Miriam Grace Monfredo, 12 books
Jaqueline Girdner, 12 books
Ann Purser, 12 books
Rhys Bowen, 11 books
Susan Conant, 11 books
Lyn Hamilton, 10 books
Sheila Connolly, 10 books
Nancy Fairbanks, 9 books
Robin Paige, 9 books
Tim Myers, 9 books
Jessica Conant-Park, 8 books

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