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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kate B. Jerome, 83 books
Anthony Mitchell Sammarco, 48 books
Randall Gabrielan, 39 books
Author Name, 38 books
Alan Brown, 30 books
Bruce D. Heald, 29 books
Tim Hollis, 28 books
Arcadia Children's Books, 19 books
Nelson Harris, 17 books
Seth H. Bramson, 17 books
Marc Wanamaker, 16 books
Richard V. Simpson, 16 books
Kenneth C. Springirth, 15 books
James Rice, 14 books
Thomas White, 14 books
Johnette Downing, 14 books
Ray Hanley, 14 books
Thomas Dresser, 14 books
David Meyers, 14 books
Deborah Cuyle, 13 books
Paul K. Williams, 13 books
Richard Panchyk, 13 books
Chris Epting, 13 books
Michael C. Hardy, 12 books
Barry Moreno, 12 books

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