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0 A Commentary on the Gospel of Luke /books/OL8150314M
1 The Gospel of Luke (Daily Study Bible Series (Westminster Press).) /books/OL7628169M
2 The Gospel of Luke /books/OL344826M
3 Blessings and woes /books/OL366674M
4 Choosing the better part? /books/OL810315M
5 A woman reads the Gospel of Luke /books/OL804930M
6 Breaking Open the Gospel of Luke (Breaking Open) /books/OL9546789M
7 The economy of the kingdom /books/OL2061960M
8 According to Luke /books/OL22364682M
9 The Lukan voice /books/OL2725431M
10 Fear not, joy to all people /books/OL24943162M
11 Luke /books/OL1877086M
12 Luke /books/OL1873272M
13 A devotional guide to Luke /books/OL4432685M
14 Invitation to Luke /books/OL4561495M
15 The Gospel of Luke /books/OL5064008M
16 The Gospel according to Luke /books/OL3396254M
17 Luke's case for Christianity /books/OL16694926M
18 Luke /books/OL24388876M
19 The Bible Knowledge Background Commentary /books/OL8093865M
20 Scripture discussion commentary /books/OL24935708M
21 The Gospel according to Luke /books/OL3500130M
22 The Gospel according to Luke /books/OL26343008M
23 The good news according to Luke /books/OL3179645M
24 Luke /books/OL8380933M
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name Gospel of Luke