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Hello! There are lots of ways you can work with the Open Library system, and the ol-tech mailing list is a great place to ask questions.

Open Library is powered by Infogami, a clean, simple wiki application framework built on Unlike other wikis, Infogami has the flexibility to handle different classes of data, including structured data. That makes it the perfect platform for Open Library.

Open Library also uses a text-to-HTML formatting language Markdown, created by John Gruber. We also use the handy WMD Markdown WYSIWYG editor.

Special thanks to Browserstack for cross browser compatibility testing.

Developer Notes & Blogs
- [[|Current documentation pages]]
- [[|Main older documentation page]] & API Documentation
- [[|Ruby interface for the API]], written by Jay Fajardo - Using covers
- [[|Set up a development instance of Open Library]]
- [[/dev/docs/committing|Committing changes to]]
- [[/dev/docs/bots|Writing a Bot for Open Library]]
- [[/dev/docs/bookreader|Using the Internet Archive BookReader]]
- [[/dev/docs/bookurls| book URLs]]
- [[/dev/docs/inlibrary|In-Library lending tech notes]]
- [[|Github Issue Tracker]], [[|old issue tracker]] on launchpad
- Blogs by current and former devs: [[|Gio]], [[|Raj]], [[|Anand]]




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