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Open Library Search API

Open Library provides an experimental API to search.

WARNING: This is an experimental API and can change in future.

URL format

The URL format for API is simple. Take the search URL and add .json to the end. Eg:

URL Parameters

Parameter Description
q The solr query. See Search HowTo for sample queries
fields The fields to get back from solr. Use the special value * to get all fields (although be prepared for a very large response!).
To fetch availability data from, add the special value, availability. Example: /search.json?q=harry%20potter&fields=*,availability&limit=1. This will fetch the availability data of the first item in the `ia` field.
sort You can sort the results by various facets such as new, old, random, or key (which sorts as a string, not as the number stored in the string). For a complete list of sorts facets look here (this link goes to a specific commit, be sure to look at the latest one for changes). The default is to sort by relevance.

Response Format

The response with be of the following format.

    "start": 0,
    "num_found": 629,
    "docs": [

Each document specified listed in "docs" will be of the following format:

    "cover_i": 258027,
    "has_fulltext": true,
    "edition_count": 120,
    "title": "The Lord of the Rings",
    "author_name": [
        "J. R. R. Tolkien"
    "first_publish_year": 1954,
    "key": "OL27448W",
    "ia": [
    "author_key": [
    "public_scan_b": true

The fields in the doc are described by Solr schema which can be found here:

The schema is not guaranteed to be stable, but most common fields (e.g. title, IA ids, etc) should be safe to depend on.


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