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June 7, 2021 | History

The Internet Archive Book Drive

The Internet Archive gratefully accepts book donations small and large from patrons and partners.

Donors may mail or drop-off books to our San Francisco headquarters:

Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

Please help us by donating books to be scanned or with financial support for the scanning process. We will make these digital books as available to the world as we can, including the print-disabled, and will preserve the physical book for the long term.

Bulk Donations

If you have a large donation (more than 500 books), please call us at (415) 561-6767 to discuss logistics before shipping to headquarters.

When will my books be digitally available?

The Internet Archive processes thousands of books a day and has millions more to get through. Additionally, priority is afforded to library partners who digitize with Internet Archive as a service. As a result, it can take several months, even a year, for a donated title to become available and thus we are unable to make promises about the timeline. If you would like your book to become available within 1 month, we recommend donating using our Book Sponsorship program which sponsors the costs of digitization and allows us to fast-track the digitization process. In the near future we will offer patrons an option to donate their own copies of books along with a donation to sponsor and fast-track digitization.

Will every title become available online?

In addition to 1,000,000+ eBooks available to anyone, the Internet Archive also makes available modern books for the print-disabled community in a special format called DAISY - one of the largest collections available online. For too long, print-disabled people have been denied access to the full breadth of contemporary books, and we'd like to assist in tipping that balance back to where it should be, universal access for all readers.

Library Reformatting

If you are a library that is facing crowding issues, renovations, or other adjustments to your print holdings, we are interested in receiving donated books so that we can reformat them from analog to digital. Your patrons will not lose access to these books; instead, they will gain enhanced access to digital texts that can be lent to your patrons, and the world, through the Internet Archive's controlled digital lending service. If you'd like to learn how one library benefitted from our donation program, please read about the donation of 250,000 books from Trent University in 2018.

Making a $ Donation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Internet Archive loves donations of cold hard cash almost as much as donations of books.

You can find instructions for how to make donations to the Internet Archive on

Scanning Services at the Internet Archive

Please direct any inquiries about the Internet Archive Book Scanning Program to


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