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Revision 2 by MewZakuro March 26, 2020
Revision 3 by MewZakuro March 26, 2020
0 For countless centuries, royal families have ruled the world. Their divine right to command the common people has manifested itself not just through crowns and thrones, but also in the form of fantastic and deadly superpowers that no mortal army can withstand.
2 Then came he revolutions. As democracy, industry, and communism spread across the globe, their growing strength made the royals timid, and a new generation of rulers swore a solemn vow never to use their powers in battle again.
4 Now, as the Second World War rages unchecked and bombers blitz London, Leningrad, and Pearl Harbor, that vow is tested to its breaking point - and lead by the spoiled scions of the King of England, the world's sleeping giants are beginning to stir at last.
0 London
0 alternate history
1 world war ii
2 superpowers
3 comic